Thursday, January 21, 2010

ready for weeeekend...

Gettin ready for my last class of the day/week. Saturday going to comedy sports with Alyssa and her "crew" lol, should be fun. Tomorrow probably gonna have lonnnggg study day, oh well. Classes are goin good, just learned about linear momentum and impulse today in dynamics, pretty sweet stuff. Also, I fell like I am ready for this Calculus 4 test coming up on monday, I even corrected the teacher after class, I think that's a good sign. TTYL

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

3 YEARS!!!!

I have now competed, officially, 1/3 of my education (just two years and $60,000 to go). My winter quarter is going pretty well. I am understanding physics for the first time since,....forever. Its funny that it is the more complex physics that I understand though. Calculus 4 is a breeze right now. I will not be interning for GE Healthcare this summer, however, I have several possible prospects already under way. I am applying to do some undergraduate research here at MSOE this summer. It comes with $3713 in stipend money, and travel allowance, and great experience for the resume :). I have some other contacts that I going to get a hold of as well, some at Rockwell Automation, and at HGA architecture and engineering. The biggest news,.....ITS GONNA BE 3 YEARS, me and Alyssa will have been together for a grand total of 3 years on the 20th of January, crazy huh?, time flies when your in love. Thats it for now, gotta get back to work :)