Monday, August 17, 2009

Just another manic....

Exercised a little, mowed the lawn (in the blistering heat), went for a bike ride, ate some tacos, and watched some TV. I feel like I was very active today, felt good. I am kinda anxious to get some rest tonight, especially cause I moved around so much,...I 'm gonna fall like a rock. Tip of the day: Exercising can be sucky, tolerable, and sometimes even fun. But in the end, it always makes you feel good about yourself, go!, put your therapist out of business let exercise make you feel better for free, lol. (Disclaimer: I usually have no idea what I am talking about, lol, so I cannot be blamed for any harm done by way of my daily tips, remember these are only tips not commands :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Very snazzy things..

The Oriental Theater is AWESOME, the inside was so classy, definitely going there again. Volleyball was a good old time, the other team didn't show up, so we just played a boys against girls match with everyone that was there. Me Mr. Smooth went for a ball that was heading toward the rubber matted wall,..... I completely force-fed myself a volleyball straight to the face and my glasses soared off of my face, I'm sure this was entertaining to my fellow teamates. For me, it just felt like I was back in middle school when I got a basketball passed,..straight to my face, I try to supress these kinds of things. (500) days of Summer was a pretty sweet flick, I approve. Now I am awaiting a family BBQ with the cousins. But that is 8 hours away,..and I already checked my facebook and twitter, what else is there to do in this world,..jk. Tip of the day: You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. - Harvey Dent

btw: Here is a video clip of my sister Kelsey and I on the Human Slingshot at the State Fair, IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Aarrgh!!,..Welcome to me post of the day

okay, maybe I should start reading my stuff before I post it out for the world to see, sorry about the jakk'd up post yesterday. It is freakin' hot today, at least it wasn't as steamy as yesterday. The massive water balloon/water hose fight with the fam' helped to make things a little more bearable. Gonna do some bar-b-q-ing with the amigos later on, should be swell. STATE FAIR tomorrow baby, cannot wait!! I am going to eat till my insides erupt, (sorry for the mental visual). Hopin' to eat a brownie the size of my face at some point during the day. Tip of the day: I find it very useful to figure what the truly important things in life are, and then go from there,....Oh yeah, btw, The pic above was taken after the waterfight today at my cousin Austyn's b-day party. Later Dudes

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm digging it

Yep, its August now. Just finishing up my internship and getting ready to start-up another at MSOE. I have tiny feeling it is going to pretty intense this year,...but I'm ready. Bring it on computer programming, you don't scare me :) Anyways,..this summer has been pretty gnarly. Been hangin' out with Alyssa and havin' lots of fun. We had the best time in Door County together. Alyssa and me went bike riding in Fish creek, WI, and had a blast just driving down the endless country roads, blasting the music and pretending we could actually sing, was great. I think summer has brought great things, but I believe this school year is going to bring even better memories. I have learned so much this summer about the "real-world" during the internship, and its not too bad. It's been a big learning experience, learning that communication is a huge part of the business. But that there isn't a consistent formula to it all, EVERYONE is different, no one person is the same. It's like you're pressing reset every time you meet someone new because you have no idea what they will respond to, I find it extremely intriguing and,.... I'm digging it.