Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm digging it

Yep, its August now. Just finishing up my internship and getting ready to start-up another at MSOE. I have tiny feeling it is going to pretty intense this year,...but I'm ready. Bring it on computer programming, you don't scare me :) Anyways,..this summer has been pretty gnarly. Been hangin' out with Alyssa and havin' lots of fun. We had the best time in Door County together. Alyssa and me went bike riding in Fish creek, WI, and had a blast just driving down the endless country roads, blasting the music and pretending we could actually sing, was great. I think summer has brought great things, but I believe this school year is going to bring even better memories. I have learned so much this summer about the "real-world" during the internship, and its not too bad. It's been a big learning experience, learning that communication is a huge part of the business. But that there isn't a consistent formula to it all, EVERYONE is different, no one person is the same. It's like you're pressing reset every time you meet someone new because you have no idea what they will respond to, I find it extremely intriguing and,.... I'm digging it.

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