Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hey Day!!!

Hello y'all, just thought I'd give a short 411 on "mi vida". Today, in my statics course our class got a pop quiz. I was semi-freakin out just because it was the first test I had ever taken with this professor so I really didn't know what they were like. Turns out that I have actually been learning something in that class. I went through the quiz in no time without any issues....AWESOME. Then, after that, I went to my Differential Equations class where a quiz was returned to me. I got a 14/15!!!!,...OHH YEAHH!!, nothing big though :P Then, I went to my programming class where I thought was going to be a struggle because we were writing a program that solved simultaneous linear equations. But it actually turned out to be a breeze, and almost kinda fun. That's all though......sleep time, catch ya later!

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